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Gianni Versace "Biggie" 414/A- 1990’s

Gianni Versace "Biggie" 414/A- 1990’s

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Vintage original early 1990's Gianni Versace 414/A. aka “The Biggie”. Rare to find in excellent condition like this.

Currently one of the most familiar shapes of sunglasses. This is the original shape that Versace re-released from. Versace had a clue what they were doing by re-releasing this 3 years ago and marketing it as the Biggie. Because Biggie was never spotted in them 🤦🏻‍♂️. But we’re fortunate to have this OG high quality vintage pair. This is NOT the low quality re-release sunglasses hut. 
Biggie wore the 413 which is a bit different.

See the difference between this vintage one and new re-release one:

Unused / No visible scratches on lenses.
Made in Italy

Size: Large
OddFrames case included.

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