My name is Amin and I’m based in Southern California. In college I started working at the mall as a general sales assistant for a clothing department store, then worked my way up to a fine jewelry specialist for 3 years.

On the side I used to resell designer goods on online marketplaces. I bought a few sunglasses and fell in love with them. I was curious about the first thing you look at when you meet a person. Their eyes. Eyewear is the only object in front of them. I got bored of working retail jobs as they were selling mass produced products that were not outstanding. So I shifted to working mostly as a marketing intern for startups and then business operations. I used my free time to research on eyewear online and used Pinterest to save pins in hopes that one day I could have a collection. Then I started blogging about sunglasses on Instagram. This attracted other people around the world who have the same appreciation. I then slowly started buying some for my personal collection, and in hopes to start a business/gallery type of experience. That hope is now a reality. I now have a special collection of eyewear and my gallery is this website!

Being an active collector in the eyewear community for a decade now, I've been blessed to have made friends online with other respected collectors and dealers.

When I say "we" in our social media/website, I mean me, my business (OddFrames), and assistant.

We are an online gallery holding an exclusive collection of superbly unique vintage luxury eyewear. OddFrames offers both unworn New Old Stock and Pre-Owned items.

We rarely source items from wholesale/bulk. We carefully handpick these art pieces to make this gallery as unique as possible so nothing seems redundant. If you are searching for a specific vintage piece we don't currently have in stock, we might be able to hunt it down for you and provide an estimate. Please reach out: sales@oddframes.com.
If you'd like to stay updated on new arrivals, please enter your email in the box all the way at the bottom.

We are in a very niche business providing a selection of very unique items. It's easy to fall in love with the pieces we present at OddFrames. Even for those who don't really pay attention to fashion or design, we make sure our stock is out of the ordinary. We prefer people to invest in vintage objects because of the craftsmanship used and their unique creative style. It's close to impossible to find new eyewear with detailed work and originality in design. Almost all big designer brands today are shamelessly replicating vintage designs without adding any changes, almost identical. Very rarely do we see independent brands do a great job being unique and original.

Additionally, just like the common knowledge of 'fast fashion', most large eyewear manufacturers today are only focused on the money, and use low quality materials to have low cost and fast production, which results to producing short-lived products that go to waste after couple of years used. Being in the eyewear reselling business, OddFrames contributes to the environmental protection by welcoming back eyewear from the past. This supports and normalizes the culture of reusable fashion.

We want our clients and website visitors to be inspired to purchase and appreciate more vintage/secondhand items. It makes an enormous difference to the environment. It will be an fashion statement with a good cause.

And don’t worry, we thoroughly and carefully clean each item before selling them.