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Burberrys Shield - 1980's

Burberrys Shield - 1980's

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Sporty shield sunglasses with the iconic signature Burberry NOVA CHECK pattern on the sides. This is definitely made in the 80's from it stating Made in France. I've seen their vintage eyewear being made in France, Austria and Italy. 

Yes this is authentic. Don't worry I'll explain. The temple is marked with "Burberrys of London". The brand Burberry as we know it today used a different name prior to the year 1999. It had an " S " at the end, and sometimes had an apostrophe after the name " S' ": "Burberrys" and "Burberrys'". 

Made in France
New old stock / Unworn with original shield having NO scratches.
*Top right of the frame has a tiny scuff line that can only be seen in bright light*

Size: Small/Medium
Original Burberry's sleeve and OddFrames case included.

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